FSA Upload (Optimized Loader)

The FSA Loader file function is used when the file you wish to profile only contains the first three characters of the postal code (FSA).  The FSA Loader automatically selects all of the postal codes within an FSA file loaded in the system to build a file containing all the associated six-digit postal codes. 

Note: DO NOT use this tool for building trade areas or defining markets for analysis. You need the FSA Market Loader function for this purpose.  

You can access this function from the:

  • Add a New File workflow
  • Homepage the Optimized FSA Loader function

Clicking on either of these will start the FSA uploader workflow. If you start with the Optimized FSA loader function from the homepage you will first be prompted to either start a new project or use an existing project. 

  • If you select New Project, you will first go through the Creating a New Project workflow.
  • If you select Existing Project, you will be brought to the Optimize FSA File screen
  • Select the FSA file from your computer
  • Create a file name
  • Assign the file to an existing project, if set-up. 
    • You do not need to select a project at this time.  If you do not select anything the system by default will add the file to the Uncategorized Files project (a default project in the system). 
  • You can change the name and location of files at any time through the Files page by clicking on the file name.
  • You are provided with an option to add a description of the file, while optional this can be very useful in the future to distinguish files, especially if using multiple versions or the file is being used by multiple users.   

TIP: Just like loading a customer file with full postal codes, your CSV file should be a single field with the FSA. Duplicates should be kept in the file to provide the appropriate weighting.