Can I deploy my digital audiences on Facebook

Yes! As of October 2022, Facebook is now supported in our automated programmatic ordering. Facebook

Does intelligentVIEW support addressed direct

Yes! IntelligentVIEW allows you to download the postal codes of your target to filter through

Does intelligentVIEW support Canada Post’s

Yes, CiG is a Smartmail Marketing Partner and intelligentVIEW output files are directly compatible with Canada Post Electronic

I don’t have DSP seat or a programmatic age

Yes. We have partnered with to help our customers execute targeted digital media buys on

How long will it take for my intelligentVIEW

Typically audiences will appear in your DSP within 24-48 hours. Please contact your CSM representative

How can I use Media Activation?

All users can push audiences to media platforms directly from intelligentVIEW. From extracting audiences for