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Segment Opportunity Chart

  • Powered by intelligentSEGMENTS.
  • A dynamic report that highlights your market penetration by segment.
  • Visualize your best-performing customer segments to find lookalikes.
  • Insights to improve campaign planning and allocate resources.

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Watch overview video and learn how to get started. 

Files are a list of postal codes in a .csv format. 

Files and reports are contained in projects. 

Two types of insights reports available – Profile & Comparison.

Identify and visualize your insights by geography. 

Create audiences and produce files to profile. 

Built-in segmentation system. Watch overview video to learn more. 

Digital Programmatic integration and outputting Carrier Walk files. 

IntelligentVIEW Ad Spot, Numeris Audeince Builder and customizations. 

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