Getting Started

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To access intelligentVIEW you must have login credentials.

Your company administrator or CiG customer success manager (CSM) will let you know when you are set up in the system and send you an email with your username (your corporate email address) and instructions on how to set your password.

“The dashboard gives you access to the most commonly used features, files and reports available to you in IntelligentVIEW. You can also use the side navigation bar to access the full set of features available to you in IntelligentVIEW.

The tools have been organized into the following categories:

  • Define Audience – All the tools that are used to create a file in intelligentVIEW. This includes file upload/merge, FSA Maps, and audience builders.
  • Profile Audience – The tools used to run analytics on files within IntelligentVIEW including profile and comparison reports.
  • Activate Audience – Tools used for physical and digital media activation including carrier walks, digital audience creation and submission to DSPs.
  • Individual list views for projects, files, and reports created by your organization within intelligentVIEW

If your organization subscribes to add-ons or developed custom features, you will find it in the featured tools section. They will also be visible with a star in the side navigation menu. Custom reports will be found in the “my reports” section if your organization has subscribed to them.