Data Update 2023.1 | Fall 2023

A New and Enhanced Data Process for More Dynamic Insights

The 2023.1 data update for intelligentVIEW is now live. This update contains a refresh of variables around television channel viewership, retail preferences, and more up-to-date information on dwelling ages, automobile ages and population statistics.

This latest data update includes changes to financial and demographic variables to reflect the newest information for Q3 2022, including statistics on age, gender, housing, education, ethnicity, and more.

We have made a significant adjustment to the Household Net Worth Calculation 2023 to account for rental real estate, meaning our income and net worth calculations are now more accurate than ever.

We have also added improved geographic positioning and segment re-classification of our postal codes to ensure that our reports are current and accurate for your projects.

Additonally, we have kept our postal code database accurate as per Canada Post’s latest information, by retiring expired or old postal codes and adding new ones.

All users can see the latest data reflected in their new reports. Simply re-run your current reports to view the latest data figures.

For more, read our latest Data Methodology document.

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