Product Release 2022.2.1 – November 2022

IntelligentVIEW is changing! As a part of our ongoing User Experience overhaul, Phase 1 enhances the way a file is added to intelligentVIEW.

What’s new?

Users now have the freedom to define whether they are uploading a Customer File or a Market File into IntelligentVIEW. The 3 file uploader screens have been consolidated into a single screen where users can either upload a list of 6-digit postal codes file or a list of 3-digit FSAs.

Users will also see that Project selection is now to be done after uploading the file. Our new Project selection/creation workflow makes it easier to create Projects on the fly or search for existing Projects and add a file. This has been carried into all our other file generation and audience-building workflows as well including FSA Maps, FSA Map Radius, Merge Files and the Audience Builder tools.

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