Numeris Audience Builder

Numeris Audience Builder is a licensed 3rd Party audience builder developed in partnership with Numeris (Canada’s source for radio & TV audience data). It is an additional Add-On to both the Standard and Premium plans. It is available to you if the link is live, if it is greyed out it is not part of your organizations plans.  

Numeris Audience Builder allows you to build audiences from hundreds of questions collected in the Numeris RTS study. Audiences are created by cross-tabulation of individual responder data and the corresponding postal codes are exported for further analysis and profiling in intelligentVIEW. 

  • Click Numeris Audience Builder from the homepage
  • You will first be prompted to either start a new project or use an existing project. 

If you select New Project, you will first go through the Creating a New Project workflow. 

If you select Existing Project, you will be brought to the Numeris Audience Builder screen.

Once you are in the tool, there are 10 steps to building an audience

  1. The first screen in the builder asks you to select Markets or Regions (Numeris radio listening markets).
    • You can select multiple Markets or Regions
    • As you make your selections, on the top right you will see the Projected Population in Canada and the Sample size in Numeris.
    • Use the chevrons to open and close the Market or Regions selection column.

2. Underneath you will be prompted to Select your Categories

  • These are the Numeris survey question categories.
    • There are a lot of categories to select from, use the scroll function to see them all. 
  • When you want to select a question, click on it and a check mark will appear next to the question.
    • If you want to unselect it, click on it again and the check mark will disappear. 
  • Once you have selected the Market or Region and the survey questions you want to build your audience from click Next

Note: If you have only selected a few categories or a very small Region or Market, there may be no questions mapped against them. The system will let you know, and you can go Back to add more survey categories. 

3. You will then have the option of selecting the specific questions within the category that you want to analyze. 

4. Select multiple questions, intelligentVIEW will build out the audience.

5. Once you have made all your selections, click Next, which will take you a final screen to review and manage your selections.

Tip: If the screen appears blank, scroll up to see your selections. 

TIP: AND means that the audience definition must meet the two or more criteria. Your audience will get smaller. OR is incremental and will add to your audience. For example, drivers of BMW AND Lexus will produce an audience where responders must have both makes of car, likely producing a small sample. Selecting an audience that have a BMW OR a Lexus will produce an audience that has either make or both, creating a larger audience. 

6. In this screen you can toggle the questions to be AND or OR, remove questions that you may not want, or go back to add additional questions.

7. Once you have made all your selections, click Create

8. Enter a name for your new File and Select a Project where you want to save the file.

  • If you do not select a Project it will be saved in the Uncategorized Files project. 

9. Click Save & Export

10. You will have the option to profile your file Now or Later

  • Select Now if you want to immediately profile your file.
  • Select Later if you want your file saved and profiled later.