Sharing Reports Securely

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intelligentVIEW is built to share. The system is set up for you to securely share reports using a secure URL or link.  

  • To share a report you have previously run, go to the Report page and Click on the title of the report that you want to share.
  • To share a report as you are creating it, in the pop-up window select Share Full Report
  • You specify the number of views that a report will have before the URL expires.

Click Create, the link will then appear in the pop-up window that you can copy and share the link with internal and external contacts. (i.e.:  your team or agency) 

TIP: If the report is going to be shared among a larger group or posted on a dashboard, it is a good idea to set the max number of views to 1000. You can always remove access to the link at any time or generate additional links.