Creating a New Project

There are three ways to create new projects in the system:

  1. When you are in any of the workflows the system will prompt you to select an existing project or Create New Project as part of the steps,
  1. At the bottom of the homepage under My Projects you can click Create a Project, or
  2. Through the Project page click on Create New Project at the top right.

All three of these ways launch the same Create New Project workflow.

To create a new project you need to:

  • Give your project a name. You can always edit the name later. We will name our project Help Guide Project

NAMING TIP:  Give your project a unique name that will be remembered by you and anyone else who may be using the system. Calling projects by people’s names or ‘Test’ could result in confusion and duplicates. Remember there are often multiple users from the same company.  

  • You will also be given the option to include any uncategorized files in the project.
    • If you loaded up a file and did not assign it to a different project you will see it in the dropdown menu and can select it at this time.
    • Remember, this is just optional to do at this point in the process.
    • The majority of new projects don’t have existing files. In this case, leave the “Include Files” field blank.
  • Click Create
  • Your project is now available in the Projects page and you can also find it under My Projects on the homepage.