Merge Files

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Merge Files

The merge files function allows you to combine multiple files into one.

Merging files can be very useful in scenario planning and testing the function of intelligentVIEW.

Examples of how to use:

  • Building a sales territory – merge different provinces to represent sales territories: (Ex: B.C. and Alberta are your Western Territory, Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces represent your Eastern Territories, etc).
  • Creating a single view of multiple retail locations.
    • You’ve created four map radiuses around store locations and have analyzed each store on its own, and now you’d like to see a single view of all the stores at once. Simply select them, merge them to create a new file and then run reports.

You can access this workflow from the:

Clicking on either of these will start the merge files workflow.

  • First, select whether you want to create a customer file by combining two or more customer files. Or a market file by combining two or more market files (refer to glossary for definitions of customer and market files).
  • Combining two or more customer files will keep duplicates, and combining two or more market files will eliminate duplicates.
  • NOTE — The list of projects and files displayed in the list view changes based on your selection. Selecting customer file only shows projects containing customer files and vice versa for market files.
  • Next, open the list under the label projects.
    • In the left project, column select the project that contains the files you are looking to merge.
    • When you click a project name the files will appear in the files column on the right.
  • Select the files from that project that you want to merge. You can select multiple files from multiple projects through this function.
  • The files that you have selected will appear in a row under the columns.
    •  You can deselect files by clicking the grey X next to the file name.
  • Files that you are merging are a collection of postal codes.
  • Click on continue to select the project and add a file name, and then click on continue to generate the file.
  • Your merged file is now available in the files page or under my files on the homepage.