Creating a Comparison Report

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intelligentVIEWs Comparison Report tool allows you to compare multiple files against each other and dynamically select a comparison benchmark.

There are two ways to run a comparison report.

  • From the homepage select Comparison Report
  • From the Reports page click Create Comparison in the top navigation

Both of these will take you to the Comparison Report screen where you will see a Project dropdown menu where all your projects, and files included in them, are listed.

  • Click the files that you want to compare.  
  • The files you select will appear at the top as you select them.
  • To remove a file, click the (x) beside the file name to remove it.
  • At the top of the table you will see the file name, as a column header.
  • Click the filename header of any of your selected files to set it as the benchmark.
    • This can be changed on the fly at any time.
  • It will highlight in blue to indicate that all other files are being compared to the selected file.
  • Click the segments, penetration or index column headers to sort by any of these elements.
    • Click twice to sort descending.

Hovering over the segment label will display the detailed description of the segment.

As with the Profile Report, this report can also be shared as a link to email to others internally and externally.

  • Click the Share Report button at the bottom of your report, enter a name for your report, the Report For field, the number of views (times users can click on the share link to see the report) and a description if you wish.
  • Cut and paste the link that appears in an email or other digital document to share with others.

You can access your previously created Comparison Reports at anytime by going to the Report page and selecting Comparison Reports. To see the Report click on the link.