Create an FSA Map File

FSA Maps allow you to use a map interface to select specific FSAs to create your own territories or market areas.  If you are looking to run a profile report based on a mapped area, you first create an FSA file:

  • From the homepage select FSA Map

You will first be prompted to either start a new project or use an existing project. 

If you select New Project, you will first go through the Creating a New Project workflow. 

If you select Existing Project, you will be brought to the FSA Map screen. 

  • The FSA Map loads based on your current location. To navigate the map and select the FSA you want to profile you can:
    • Click on an FSA geography (outlined in red on the map) on the map to build a list of FSAs you would like to profile or use to create a benchmark territory. 
    • On the upper right-hand side you will see a summary of demographics for the FSA selected.
  • On the lower right-hand side you will see the list of FSA’s selected.
    • To remove FSAs, you must deselect them from the map. 
  • To save or profile your selected FSAs, click Run Report, enter a file name and select the project where the file should be saved.

OPTION: Store locations, custom trade areas, territory performance, traffic counts and many other elements can be added to the FSA Map feature. Ask your CSM for details.