Canada Post Carrier Walk Export

Carrier Walks, Letter Carrier Walks, Letter Carrier Routes or LCWs represent the postal codes walked by a Canada Post letter carrier. They are the smallest unit of geography used for the delivery of unaddressed admail or flyers.  Carrier Walk information is updated monthly and is essential for marketers to understand the concentration of their target audience within the Carrier Walk coverage. 

Unaddressed mailing campaigns are typically done to send promotions or raise awareness of a store opening or promotion. With intelligentVIEW, you can optimize the Carrier Walks you select based on where the intelligentSEGMENTS of people you want to target live.

Through our relationship with the Canada Post Smart Mail Program, intelligentVIEW quickly and easily provides Canada-wide letter carrier walks from the Carrier Walks Module and from your profile report. IMPORTANT: If you want to export a Carrier Walk file you must select the Carrier Walk module when running a profile report. If you decide after that you want a file from a report you have already run, rerun the report and add the Carrier Walk module.

  • In your report you will see Carrier Walk in the left hand report menu navigation. Click this.
  • You will be brought to the intelligentSEGMENTS selection tool. From here you can select the specific segments that you want to target.
    • intelligentSEGMENTs are grouped by their letter for ease of use. You can also select individual intelligentSEGMENTS.
      • The percentage values represent the portion of your target file that falls into that segment.
  • Output from the Carrier Walk feature based on the chosen benchmark selected when you ran your report.
    • For example, if segment C1 shows 12 percent of your customer file and your benchmark is Montreal CMA, you will be ranking Montreal CMA carrier walks by the number of households they have falling into segment C1.

  • Select the Segment(s) you want to target. Click Submit.
  • A list of postal walks that match your segment selection will be displayed.

  • To get a copy of the output for your lettershop, click Download Canada Post EST (Electronic Shipping Tools) format in the upper right hand side.
    • You will be given a choice to select Houses, Apartments and/or Farms (the default is all).
    • The EST file format is Neighbourhood Mail Type 1.

  • Make your selection and click Download.
  • Your carrier walk file in EST format will automatically be saved to your browsers default downloads folder.  Send this file to your lettershop.
  • A list of all previously generated Carrier Walk files by your organization can also be found and accessed by navigating to “Carrier Walk Files” under “Activate Audiences” in the intelligentVIEW Side Navigation screen.