How to Setup Facebook Ad Manager to Receive Audiences from intelligentVIEW

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Before sending audiences from IntelligentVIEW, users will first need to accept Terms of Service for Custom Audiences in their Facebook Ads Manager account.

Before a user can submit audiences to Facebook, they need to:

  • First, go into Facebook Ads Manager
  • Then select the Audiences menu.
  • Click on Create Audience -> Custom Audience
  • Choose Customer List
  • Then click on Next in the “Prepare List” Screen
  • On the ‘Select List Type’ screen, users need to accept the terms for Facebook audiences.
  • Finally, click on back and exit the “Create Custom Audience” workflow on Facebook

After this, follow the steps in Order Facebook Digital Audiences, and the audiences should start flowing into the Custom Audiences Listview screen on Facebook Ads Manager.

NOTE – This task only needs to be done ONCE per Facebook Ad account, and this is only if you have never used Facebook Custom Audiences in a campaign for that Ad Account in the past.