Heat Maps

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Heat Maps allow you to visualize the concentration of your customers and potential market opportunity in your file and benchmark on Google Maps with Street View. This allows you to see where your customers live, see the houses they live in, and understand their surroundings.

  • Click Heat Maps on the left hand report navigation panel

  • Once clicked, you will be presented with the option to select the intelligentSEGMENT that you wish to have displayed on the Heat Map.
    • IntelligentSEGMENTS are grouped by their letter for ease of use showing the penetration of your customer file within that segment group. You can also select individual IntelligentSEGMENTS to generate your Heat Map 
    • Don’t worry, this will be a map of your customers, showing only segments that are in your customer file.
    • If you select A but only have customers in A2 and A4, only these customers will be displayed. You can also select just A2 for greater precision.

  • Select the intelligentSEGMENTS Group(s) that you would like to see and click Visualize.
  • Your map will appear in Google Maps

  • Use the Google Maps yellow peg man or the +/- functions to zoom in and out, launch street view, etc. Use the Map / Satellite toggle to view street-level detail. 

TIP:  The Heat Map shows the concentration of postal codes in a customer file. Concentrations of customers appear as coloured clusters on the map with a count in the center. As you zoom in the clusters will split and distribute across the map where your target customers live.