Map Radius File

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Map Radius File

The map radius tool is a powerful feature of intelligentVIEW that allows you to create a file of postal codes that fall within a circle around a single postal code.

You can access this workflow from the:

  • Add a new file workflow.
  • Side navigation for the map radius function.

Clicking on either of these will start the map radius workflow.

There are three steps to map a radius:

Step 1: 

  • Select a postal code you want at the centre of your radius.
  • Specify the size of the radius you want by using the slider.

The standard system allows you to map a radius of up to 25 km.

  • Click submit.

TIP: The postal code field is not case sensitive

Step 2:

  • Google Maps opens and displays the radius.
  • Take a look at the map and decide whether you are satisfied with the size and location, if so click continue.
  • If you want to modify the map, click back to return to step 1.

Step 3:

  • Select/create a project to put your map radius file in.
  • Give your map radius file a name.

NAMING TIP: Avoid naming your file “test” or a generic name like “Calgary”, as there could be many files in a project.

  • Assign the file to an existing project, once you set it up.
    • You do not need to select a project at this time. If you do not select anything, the system, by default will add the file to the uncategorized files project (a default project in the system).
  • You can change the name and location of files at any time through the files page by clicking on the file name.
  • You are provided with an option to add a description of the file, while not mandatory this can be very useful in the future to distinguish files, especially if using multiple versions or the file is being used by multiple users.
  • Click continue to proceed.